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When it comes to protecting your property investment, your roof might be the last thing on your mind, but on a commercial or institutional structure, the roof over your head can be key to securing your business and valuable assets.

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As roofs age a number of things occur. Cracks form, seams age and begin to separate, and heat causes flashing to pull away from pipes, air conditioning and other rooftop systems.

In addition, many roof warranties are dependent upon regular inspection and maintenance. Commercial flat roof maintenance provides peace of mind. Our teams help you fight the ravages of time and the environment.

Western Roofing has the knowledge, skill and experience to maintain your industrial roof the right way, no matter what type of roof you have installed.

Whether it is a Durolast (PVC), TPO, EPDM, modified bitumen, tar and gravel, metal or shingle roof, our team will inspect, maintain, and document your roof, providing you actionable plans that will help you gain the most life out of your commercial roof.

Our Commercial Flat Rooftop Maintenance 5 Step guarantee:


Debris be gone. We’ll clean up dirt, leaves and branches that can clog water channels and downspouts, leading to pooling. By getting rid of added weight, the roofing materials themselves will have less wear and tear.


Gutter blowout. When gutters fill with nests, tile debris, leaves and the errant tennis ball or Frisbee that finds its way up top, rainwater either backs up or pours over the lip of your roof. Either way, water can lead to added wear on your building and find crevices to penetrate your building’s barriers. We’ll assure a clear channel to move water off and away from your roof and building.


Seal around pipes and HVAC. Wherever pipes and HVAC penetrate your roof there is an opportunity for cracks and separation. Often the materials expand and shrink at different rates than your rooftop membrane, resulting in separation over time. We will maintain these areas to patch and seal, reducing the likelihood water will find its way in.


Touch-ups on your existing rooftop. Many warranties and insurance policies require the existing industrial or commercial roof to be maintained. We will touch up cup metal and calking around flashing to keep your roof up to insurable standard.


Ongoing inspection and documentation. Our commercial roof maintenance contracts include ongoing inspection and documentation. By documenting as we work, we create a record that you can use should you require an insurance claim due to hail, debris damage or other cause. In addition, we will alert you to items that suggest repair beyond maintenance, helping to extend the life of your roof.

Western Roofing commercial roof maintenance and inspections mean peace of mind for business and property owners alike. Let us start your industrial roof maintenance plan with a free inspection and a free report to help you plan for the future ahead.
Get your free inspection now and we’ll provide you a report and plan of action to maintain your existing industrial or commercial roof.

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