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3 Types of Commercial Roof Repairs

Roof maintenance is vital to ensuring your building lasts as long as humanly possible. While natural disasters do strike in various parts of the country, roof damage does not have to be inevitable. You can do your part to protect your property by regularly scheduling inspections and enlisting contractors for commercial roof repairs. Here are three common repairs that are best spotted and handled early.

Storm Damage

It doesn’t take a hurricane or tornado to rip apart your shingles; heavy precipitation can also wreak havoc on your roof and siding. It is best to inspect your roof after a heavy storm to identify whether any holes were made or shingles were ripped off. Hail causes damage to roofs often, even if you only experience it once a year. This is because it is the heaviest form of precipitation. Commercial roof inspectors can take a thorough look at your roof if you are unsure whether any damage is present at all or what kind of service the damage you do see may require. Inspectors can help spot repairs and also let you know if your roof needs general cleaning. According to Beacon, a manufacturer of roofing materials, it is a good idea to get your roof cleaned by professionals once a year.

Wet Ceiling

Leaks are potential risks as soon as your building becomes exposed to the elements due to missing or loose shingles. Especially during a storm, it may be vital to have some emergency materials on the premises, such as a tarp, that you can use as an immediate bandage for your roof. Generally, commercial roofing companies do not recommend you attempt to repair your roof on your own out of risk of injury or falling. Wet spots may form in the walls and ceilings when the water has had time to move throughout your roofing system. These breaches can ruin the foundation, sag your ceiling, and stain the surfaces they adhere to. Be sure to call professionals as soon as possible so you can repair your roof and avoid long-lasting water damage.

Loose Shingles

Commercial roofing companies can also identify whether your shingles are properly attached. Improper sealant can lead to expensive repairs for your roof and a sense of uncertainty as to whether what you paid for will hold up in a storm, or even the average rain. Loose shingles are also more prone to allow leaks before they’ve even fallen off. Skip the anxiety and pay for the best services you can afford at the outset. With commercial roof repairs, you’ll be able to enjoy those rainy days with a hot beverage and a good book and forget about any worries about leaks.

Commercial roofing services may be available 24/7 in your area, so be sure to check locally for your closest options. Commercial roof repair should be preventative, not in response to a mistake a previous contractor made. People of Denver, call Western Roofing today!

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