Apartment/Townhome roof repair

Western Roofing has an extensive history in repair, maintenance, and reroof of apartment/townhome buildings and complexes. We have built our network of referral partners by maintaining a membership in CAI, the Community Association Institute, an organization founded by and for housing community managers and property owners. Through our repeated quality work, we have supported residential communities with maintenance, repair and roof replacement.

What kind of roof does my apartment complex need?

Apartment and housing communities come in many sizes, and complexes need the right kind of maintenance and repair. Modern multi-story apartment buildings are often built with what are called “flat roofs,” although no buildings have truly flat rooftops. In the roofing industry these buildings are known as “low sloped roofs.” As the roof is installed, it is designed with built-in topography. High points direct water toward channels, gutters, drains or downspouts to keep water moving, so it can flow off of your roof, rather than pool, where it can find cracks and crevices where moisture can enter your building.

Many apartment complexes are built with more traditional high sloped roofs, where shingles have been employed to keep water moving in a downward trajectory off of your building.

However your rooftop was designed, Western Roofing can maintain, repair or replace your roof.

Our process starts with an initial roof inspection. We look inside your building for evidence of leaks, and we go atop your roof to examine materials, construction, seams, age and overall condition of your roof. We photograph any areas that need repair or maintenance, and we provide you with a plan of action for short, near term and long term maintenance and repair. We always look for options to provide you choices in the way you plan, budget and maintain your facilities, and we track the progress of your roof and reach out to you proactively on maintenance and repair.

Our inspections and repairs are documented to reinforce your warranty and insurance responsibilities. Every property owner is responsible for maintaining and caring for their facility. Failure to do so can result in owing lessee costs to replace items that are damaged due to landlord inaction. Rooftops are one of those areas that are often out of sight and out of mind to property owners, but if inspection and maintenance aren’t maintained, your insurance can reject a claim, leaving you with the bill.

We will come to your housing community, evaluate your existing rooftops, document, and present you with a plan of action.


Depending on the age and condition of your roof, we can establish an ongoing maintenance plan to extend the life of your existing roof.

Rooftop coatings

For some community complexes and apartment buildings, a coating can be applied to provide an added warranty and to extend the life of your existing building.

Rooftop replacement

We can replace your existing flat roof or low sloped roof with a top of the line Duro-Last roof. Options allow for you to add a class 4 hail resistant roof rating to your building. Level 4 is the highest impact rating a roof can receive, and we have seen this system protect many complexes from the devastating damage we’ve seen hit Colorado businesses and residential communities in recent years.

We do shingles too!

When it comes to maintaining your shingle roof it’s important to follow current codes. You may see some buildings with multiple layers of tar and grit shingles, but what you may not know is that codes regulate the maximum number of layers of shingle that can be applied to a building. A buildup of too many layers results in a fire hazard due to the flammability of tar based shingles. We recommend stripping shingles down to the deck to inspect the wood for damage prior to adding a water and ice shield, and then applying a new shingle roof system.

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