Quality of Install

Add to the product, the quality of installation. While most roofing materials can be installed by any team of roofers, Duro-Last requires a Duro-Last certified team. The company only partners with installers that have the history and credibility to maintain the Duro-Last promise. Each install is inspected by Duro-Last technical representatives that get on the roof and examine all of the work by hand. The warranty is issued by Duro-Last following the inspection. Your installer is given a rating by Duro-Last, providing a checks and balances system that goes above and beyond other products. Many roofing manufacturers allow inspections to be conducted by the team that installed the roof. Western Roofing is the only Duro-Last Roof Platinum provider in the Denver Metropolitan area that meets the Master Installer and Elite Contractor standard.

When it’s time for a Duro-Last roof, it’s time for Western Roofing.


Western Roofing developed our partnership with Duro-Last in 1995 and has replaced more roofs with Duro-Last roofing than any installer in Colorado. With over 13 million square feet installed over the last 22 years, Western has the experience to install your Duro-Last roof right.

The process starts when we come to your property and measure your roof. Duro-Last roofs are different than other products on the market in that they are custom fabricated to your roof. Rather than crews sealing seam after seam under different temperatures throughout the day, the majority of your roof is seamed in a controlled factory environment based on the measurements we provide.

We take the time to identify the details of penetrations such as air conditioning, plumbing, skylights and roof access points, documenting them in the Duro-Last system where they are reviewed by technical staff and meticulously drafted prior to prefabrication within a controlled environment at the Duro-Last manufacturing facility.

When your Duro-Last Roof arrives we can stage and start work without causing undue disruption to your business activities.

Proven performance since 1978

The Duro-Last story is one of innovation and outside-the-box thinking within a family-run business. John R. Burt, the founder of Duro-Last was working in the swimming pool business. Noticing that PVC liners supplied by other manufacturers could fail due to issues with quality control, he vertically integrated his business, building his own liners to guarantee the pools he was installing. Observing that what could keep water in could also keep water out, he expanded his business, looking for alternate use applications for PVC manufactured materials. Roofing offered a welcome extension to his product line.


During the prefabrication process, up to 85% of seams are pre-sealed within a factory controlled environment, reducing the amount of guesswork and variation that can occur in the heat of the moment on top of a commercial or industrial building. We like to say, “Prefabrication keeps your money atop your roof rather than climbing down the ladder and heading home at the end of the install.” What we mean by that is your roof install is more efficient given that fewer seams are manufactured on site. Your money pays for quality and consistency over labor and variation.

Duro-Last maintains the largest team of technical representatives in the roofing industry.

Because your warranty comes directly from Duro-Last rather than a roofer, they are invested in verifying each and every install, down to the smallest seam and from edge to edge and from deck to sky. Every roof is inspected following installation, verifying and rating the quality of work by the installer. This provides you added piece of mind, because it is not just a sales rep, or the foreman on site confirming the work has been completed. Duro-Last technicians know the roofing system and every part of the installation process.

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Single system Design

No other roofing company provides a system as comprehensive as Duro-Last roofing. From the substructure to insulation, hail resistant board, metals, drainage, and skylights, Duro-Last truly is the “World’s Best Roof®” providing their renowned Edge-to-Edge & Deck-to-Sky™ solution. When it comes to replacement of your existing roof structure, Duro-Last roof replacement is the way to go.

The best warranty in the business

Warranties come in many shapes and sizes, and a significant number of roofing systems come in what ends up looking like one-size-fits-all extra small. Duro-Last goes well beyond that to provide a materials AND labor warranty as well as a consequential damage option.

Labor and Materials

With many warranties, labor is excluded from the warranty. What that means is they will drop ship you enough rolls of material to re-roof your damaged property, but you’ll have to go find your own installation team to do the work. Because Duro-Last works directly with roofing installers they have certified, a warrantable repair will be conducted by a trained and professional team.

Consequential Damages

Duro-Last is so confident in their roofing system that should your new Duro-Last roof fail, they will not only replace your roof, but also items damaged by the failure of your roof. Server room rained on? Replaced. Merchandise on the way to the dump? Consider it covered. No one else offers as comprehensive as the best-in-class options provided directly through Duro-Last. Ask us about Consequential Damage warranty options offered with your Duro-Last roof replacement.


Duro-Last is recognized for its energy saving properties, its options for hail protection, its partnership with LiveRoof to provide additional environmental protection, and its ability to extend at end of usable life through sealants that can give your roof an added 10-15 years.

Urban heat islands

As cities become more dense, sunlight on buildings and roads results in a buildup of heat. Known as “urban heat islands,” these areas maintain higher ambient temperatures, even at night, as the retained heat is unable to return temps to normal by the next morning. All of this retained heat leads to higher energy consumption and cooling costs as property owners run air conditioning to maintain comfortable work spaces. In fact, as heat is retained on traditional tar or rubber roofs, ambient temps can reach 200 degrees in the summer. Industrial HVAC systems have to work directly against these blistering temps as they intake and treat air for the building.

Energy Efficiency

Duro-Last provides white and other reflective colors to bounce UV rays up and away from the urban landscape, reducing retained heat and dropping ambient temperatures to a few degrees above city ambient temperatures. This reduces your energy consumption in two ways. First, your building attracts and retains less heat, and your HVAC and air conditioning systems have less temperature to work against as they cool interior rooms and workspaces. Your Duro-Last roof will reduce your energy usage as well as contribute to a cooler city.

I 300 Denver live roof standard

Colorado leads many parts of the country in codes that promote energy efficiency and resistance to heat pooling. The I 300 mandate, which requires commercial roofs of a certain size to install a green roof and/or solar elements to collect the sun’s rays, thus dissipating ambient energy is an example of this trend.

Partnership with LiveRoof

Duro-Last, as a leading manufacturer of PVC roofing systems has created a partnership with LiveRoof, a leading supplier of living roof systems. Because of the Duro-Last origin in swimming pool liners, the system is ideal for supporting rooftop garden systems.

Chemical resistance

LiveRoof and other green roofs require a chemical fertilizer mix to grow. You need a roof system that can hold up to the treatment that makes a green roof viable. The materials and processes used to manufacture Duro-Last roofs are chemical resistant. Built to resist UV and ozone, these materials serve to protect against the chemicals used to keep your green roof vibrant.

Root resistance

Some rooftop materials are able to be penetrated by root systems. It’s not uncommon to see seeds and dirt collect in corners of rooftops and sprout. On Duro-Last Roofs these unwanted plants can be swept up and removed easily without membrane penetration.

In addition, Duro-Last is an ideal platform on which to grow a LiveRoof. Because the material resists penetration, it keeps your live roof where it belongs, atop the roof where it can soak up the sun and perform as intended.

Resistance to mold and mildew

During the manufacturing process Duro-Last single ply services are treated with fungicides that resist mold and mildew. This treatment works hand in hand with your LiveRoof which requires moisture and can result in growth of rooftop mold and mildew. The Duro-Last system resists these side effects and keeps mold and mildew from penetrating the roof membrane.
When it comes to roof replacement, think Duro-Last.

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