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Duro-Last is recognized for its energy saving properties, its options for hail protection, its partnership with LiveRoof to provide additional environmental protection, and its ability to extend at end of … Read More…


Consequential Damages

Duro-Last is so confident in their roofing system that should your new Duro-Last roof fail, they will not only replace your roof, but also items damaged by the failure of … Read More…


Labor and Materials

With many warranties, labor is excluded from the warranty. What that means is they will drop ship you enough rolls of material to re-roof your damaged property, but you’ll have … Read More…


The best warranty in the business

Warranties come in many shapes and sizes, and a significant number of roofing systems come in what ends up looking like one-size-fits-all extra small. Duro-Last goes well beyond that to … Read More…


Single system Design

No other roofing company provides a system as comprehensive as Duro-Last roofing. From the substructure to insulation, hail resistant board, metals, drainage, and skylights, Duro-Last truly is the “World’s Best … Read More…


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