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What is the condition of your roof?

We will help you find out. Start now with a free rooftop inspection and we will provide a written assessment of the condition and life of your roof, plus options … Read More…


Warranty Matters

When you are ready to coat your roof, examine the warranty. A 10 year materials warranty is not enough. Under such a plan, should your roof fail, the company will … Read More…


What about off-the-shelf coatings from my home repair store?

The truth is that off-the-shelf sealants don’t meet the specifications that roofing professionals can apply. Our solutions provide 98% solids, whereas home repair materials are 40% water. What goes down … Read More…


What steps will it take to coat my roof?

The coating process starts with a power wash to clear the roof of dirt and debris. Second, the team will examine your roof, patching and sealing any cracks. All penetrations … Read More…


What about hail damage?

Coatings can seal a partially damaged roof after a hail storm, and they fulfill the owner’s responsibility to protect their property from further water damage, but coatings do not provide … Read More…


What types of coatings are right for my building?

Coatings are made out of a range of material. One combination we recommend for the Colorado climate, where we face hot summers and cold winters is a silicone and rubber … Read More…


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