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I heard roofers over blow damage to take home a bigger pay check

Western Roofing is a long standing ethical business. We inspect for damage and for your protection, not for our benefit. We strive for transparency. You will see the same reports … Read More…


Western Roofing is your partner in assuring your roof is repaired right

Early in our history Western Roofing became aware that clear communication in the language of the insurance provider is imperative in assuring your claim is processed correctly the first time. … Read More…


My Insurance Company Sent me a Check for damages, but I know it won’t cover a new roof. What should I do?

If you called your insurance company and met with an adjustor they likely did an assessment and sent you a check for ACV. This is a normal first step, even … Read More…


Insurance programs vary

There are two primary types of insurance available. The lowest cost insurance plan is an Actual Cost Value (ACV) plan. This is an estimate of the current value of your … Read More…


Partner with a roofing company that knows rooftop insurance:

Because Western Roofing has worked with so many adjustors and insurance companies, we know how to evaluate and communicate the damage to your roof in a way that makes sense … Read More…


What happens when my roof is damaged?

The first step is to have an immediate assessment of damage and to take steps to mitigate future damage. When your roof is damaged by hail, don’t wait for the … Read More…


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