Roof Coatings

When a commercial roof is nearing the end of its useful life, coatings are a great option to maintain roof performance and to potentially extend the life of your existing roof. Coatings benefit your roof in a number of ways.


Restoration often costs 1/3 to 1/4 the cost of replacement.


Coatings save the landfill. Two of the largest components of city dumps are roofing and flooring materials, which often have no means to recycle.


Coatings can be expensed in the year they are applied. While new roofs require a depreciation schedule over 29 years, coatings are counted as an immediate expense, positively impacting your taxable revenue within the year the work is completed.


Coatings are eligible for extended warranty, some coatings including a 10 year or 15 year warranty option.


Once a coating has been successfully applied, it can be maintained and re-coated, extending the life of your roof indefinitely.


Roof coatings include white top options which better reflect UV rays and heat, positively impacting the energy usage of your building.

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What types of coatings are right for my building?

Coatings are made out of a range of material. One combination we recommend for the Colorado climate, where we face hot summers and cold winters is a silicone and rubber coat. This combination provides a combination of sealant, flexibility and reflectivity to give you a solid seal on your existing roof. It can be applied over almost any existing roofing surface, and it comes with a solid warranty.

What about hail damage?

Coatings can seal a partially damaged roof after a hail storm, and they fulfill the owner’s responsibility to protect their property from further water damage, but coatings do not provide added protection against the next hail storm that may come your way. If you are worried about the kind of hail damage we have seen increase over the last decade, see our replacement roof options and look for a lass 4 hail resistant roofing solution. Hail resistant roofs can be sealed at their end of life. A hail rated replacement roof plus a maintenance contract and a plan to coat near the end of planned life allows you to maintain your roof and to make it sustainable for the long haul.

What steps will it take to coat my roof?

The coating process starts with a power wash to clear the roof of dirt and debris. Second, the team will examine your roof, patching and sealing any cracks. All penetrations such as plumbing, HVAC and exhaust ports are examined and pre-sealed. After the foreman inspects the pre-work, the coating is applied to the rooftop.

What about off-the-shelf coatings from my home repair store?

The truth is that off-the-shelf sealants don’t meet the specifications that roofing professionals can apply. Our solutions provide 98% solids, whereas home repair materials are 40% water. What goes down thick evaporates and dries thin, giving you significantly less protection for your rooftop.

Application matters as well. When a professional team applies an industrial coat to your rooftop, our work is backed up by our quality and the manufacturer’s warranty. Support and warranty coverage are almost nonexistent when in-house teams do the work with over the counter materials. You are limited by your own ability to complete the work.

Warranty Matters

When you are ready to coat your roof, examine the warranty. A 10 year materials warranty is not enough. Under such a plan, should your roof fail, the company will ship you buckets of coating material, but you are on your own to inspect, repair and recoat your rooftop.

Our industry leading options provide a 10 year materials and labor warranty, assuring that if something goes wrong, you have a professional team ready to respond. With Western Roofing’s experience, not only installing rooftop coatings, but also documenting and facilitating warranty and insurance claims, you have a team on your side.

What is the condition of your roof?

We will help you find out. Start now with a free rooftop inspection and we will provide a written assessment of the condition and life of your roof, plus options for maintaining your roof for the long haul.

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