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Do You Need Roof Repair? Look Out for These 3 Signs!

While roofs are designed to be durable, they still require some upkeep here and there. Commercial roof repair from the right roofing company can restore the roof of your business to be good as new! No matter how indestructible you think your roof is, roof repair is often necessary for quite a few reasons. In this helpful blog post, we’ll take a look at the most common reasons you may need commercial roof repair.

1. Storm Damage

Nature is one of the most common reasons why property and business owners find that they need roof repair. No matter how new or well-built your roof is, the weather will throw things at your roof that’ll damage it. For example, hail damage is a frequent culprit. Here in Colorado, hail days can number between seven and nine days a year, according to Carsurance. These days often stack up, causing continued strain on your roof.

Of course, hail isn’t the only weather risk to your roof. High winds, piles of snow, and torrential rain can all damage a roof as well. It’s important that you choose a local roofer that understands the local weather patterns to receive the quality commercial roof repair you need.

2. Aging Roof Materials

As your roof ages, you’ll find that you’re calling for commercial roof repair more often. Materials degrade with age. Shingles and other roof parts need to be replaced and repaired more frequently to ensure the stability of the roof and its ability to protect the structure. Since your roof is so important to the safety of your business, it’s important to keep an eye on how old your materials are. Aging is one of the most common reasons roof repairs are necessary.

3. Fire or Tree Limb Damage

To round off the list of the most common reasons you’ll need roof repair, we have fire damage and tree limb damage. Typically, fire damage is caused by another event. For example, it may be caused by a lightning strike or a fire in the structure. Tree limb damage is usually caused by overgrown trees that are too close to the structure. It’s crucial to consider factors outside of your roofing materials in order to keep your roof safe.

One of the best ways to extend the life of your roof is to have an annual or semi-annual inspection of your roof. An inspection can diagnose any roofing issues early on before they become a bigger problem. Being proactive with roof repair is a great way to save money and ensure that your roof is providing the protection you need. Call Western Roofing Inc. today to schedule your free roof inspection!

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