Is my roof hail damaged?

In 2017 Colorado experienced 172 severe hail incidents,including the storm on May 8th that resulted $1.4 billion in damages, the most costly hail incident in Colorado history.

Colorado is experiencing more frequent and more severe hail incidents, and these storms take a toll on commercial, industrial and residential rooftops as well as automobiles and other property. Hail impacts your roof just like your car. On your vehicle, dents, cracks and scrapes allow sun wind and rain to get beneath the surface beginning rust and other deterioration. On your rooftop the same thing occurs.

Shingle roof hail damage

On shingle roofs, even if hail does not penetrate shingles the hard hits can crack, soften and flake composite materials from shingles resulting in a less resilient surface. Left unaddressed, your weakened roof structure will deteriorate more quickly under harsh UV rays, rain, snow and ice. Water can get inside and open up crevices as it freezes and thaws, allowing spring and summer rains to get inside, resulting in warping, mold or mildew within the substrates underneath the shingles meant to protect them.

Flat roof hail damage

Flat and low sloped roofs have their own risks when it comes to hail. While many single ply surfaces can hold up if they have the right substrates, many roofs were built before class 4 hail resistant roofs were invented, leaving them vulnerable to hail damage. When hail hits a flat roof or low sloped roof it can crack the surface, indent the substrate and cause pooling or ponding, when a larger area of roof begins to hold water. When water pools or ponds, instead of flowing along predesignated pathways, it adds weight, which further causes materials to warp and bend. Eventually, ponding water will find its way through your roof into your building where damage can become extensive before you notice stains on your ceiling tile.

Hail damage can crack surfaces, causing immediate flooding in your building

When the Colorado Mills Mall was hit by a hail storm in Northwest Lakewood, the damage was immediate, and caused water to pour into the building, destroying merchandise and causing extensive damage to sheet-rock and other building materials. The building damage was so extensive they closed from May 8 until the Thanksgiving holiday, when they opened for Black Friday shopping.

The communities of Golden, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge and North-West Denver as well as Commerce City have experienced significant hail damage in recent storms.

Hail damage repair and maintenance

The best place to start if you have experienced a hail storm on your commercial, industrial or residential property is to schedule an immediate rooftop inspection. Property owners have a fiduciary responsibility to act immediately to inspect and repair their property or they risk losing insurability. By failing to inspect your roof you may be responsible for water damage, even if you have insurance plans covering your building, capital investments and merchandise. In addition, you may lose the opportunity to exercise your warranty if your roof is not maintained to warrantable standard.

Repair and Maintenance options

When damage is minor damage can be patched, assuring the seal on your existing roof until the next severe hail incident. A regular inspection and maintenance plan can assure you keep your roof up to warrantable and insurable standards. If damage has been extensive, a rooftop coating can provide enough protection to keep your building dry, and a seal can come with an added warranty, helping you to extend protection for your rooftop in the case of a catastrophic storm.

Rooftop replacement

If your roof is damaged beyond repair, we recommend replacing it with a level 4 rated hail roof. This option provides the highest rated substrates, capable of absorbing hits and reducing the amount of damage you may experience in an extreme weather incident. Duro-Last offers a class 4 hail resistant roof along with industry leading warranty options including materials and labor, should your roof need repair or replacement, and a consequential damages option that will replace items damaged should your Duro-Last roof fail.

Have you been through a hail incident? Start with a free rooftop hail damage evaluation. We will inspect, photo document damage, and review your warranty and insurance to help you file a claim.

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